Ebola: Sierra Leone & Liberia Forced To Deploy Troops To Control Virus, Athletes Still ‘Missing’

The death toll has, according to records, reached a total of 887.


With healthcare systems in the West Africa nations overrun, the World Bank announced up to $200 million in emergency assistance to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea as part of an international effort to contain the outbreak, ABC News reports.

World Health Organisation has reported 61 new deaths in the two days leading up to August 1.

The outbreak began in February in the forests of Guinea, where the toll continues to rise, but its epicentre has since shifted to neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Panic among local communities, which have attacked health workers and threatened to burn down isolation wards, prompted Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to impose tough measures last week, including the closure of schools and the quarantine of the remote forest region hardest hit by the disease.

Police were setting up checkpoints and roadblocks for key entrance and exit points to those infected communities, with nobody allowed to leave quarantined communities.

Troops were fanning out across Liberia to help deal with the emergency.

“The situation will probably get worse before it gets better,” Liberian information minister Lewis Brown said.

“We are over-stretched. We need support, we need resources and we need workers,” he said.

Mean while athletes from Sierra Leone who participated in the Commonwealth Games have reportedly not returned to their country (they were declared ‘missing’ in some reports) for fear of contracting Ebola.


Article Credit: ABC News

Photo Credit: Sustainable Conversations 


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