Ebun Oladoye And Yomi Casual’s Latest Collection Is An Adire-Filled Extravaganza

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Emerging fashion brand, Ebun Oladoye and ace designer Yomi Casual have launched their highly anticipated collaborative collection termed Afrocalypso, highlighting different designs made with the indigo-dyed fabric called Adire.

Shot by Ayo Alasi, the cast of the brands collaborative includes Yomi Makun, creative director of Yomi Casual and Nollywood actress/TV host Bridget Chigbufue modeling the unisex pieces.

The Adire fabric which is the primary drive of Afrocalypso uses a variety of resist dyeing methods that produces patterned designs in a dazzling array of tints and hues to birth the cool, classy yet playful unisex pieces in the collection.

The collection boasts must-have unisex pieces from classic side-stripe pants and shorts, shirts, polos, smart and stylish women’s tops for that bold woman, t-shirts and blouses.

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Cast: @bridgetchigbufue @yomicasual

Photography: @ayoalasi for @alasistudios

Polos: @yomicasual

Tees: @demuacreations

Shoes: @yomicasual

MUA: @bvmakeovers

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