ELOY Awards Takes Centre Stage Tomorrow! It’s Founder Tewa Onasanya, Shares Her Empowering Journey


As the 8th edition of the ELOY (Exquisite Ladies of the Year) Awards 2016 is set to hold tomorrow 27th of November at the Intercontinental Hotel Lagos, Editor in Chief of Exquisite Magazine and Founder of ELOY Awards Tewa Onasanya shares exclusively with OnoBello.com her journey and passion on this life changing signature project.

ELOY Awards is the first women only award body in Nigeria that has continued to play a huge role in recognizing women achievers in various sectors. Now in it’s 8th edition, Tewa who is a trained pharmacologist has been following her passion in publishing with her magazine Exquisite as well as and other life changing signature projects like the Exquisite Against Cancer Walk and the ELOY Awards.

The Magazine has been successfully printing for over a decade whilst the EMAC walk has been raising awareness for Cervical and Prostrate Cancer for over six years.

As ELOY’s 8th edition is set to take centre stage tomorrow, Tewa shares some insights on how she has continued to drive ELOY. Read below!

OB: How did the ELOY awards come to be?

TO: In 2008, after a few months of being in Nigeria, I noticed that almost all the awards ceremony that were held were to honour men and just a few of them recognised one or two females. I thought to myself that this can’t be right, as there are so many women doing exceptionally well in different fields and are not being recognised. These women need to be honoured, recognised and celebrated, so other women especially the younger ones would be encouraged to be the best at anything they want to do, even if its in a field that is male dominated. With our vision and mission of exquisite magazine being to celebrate, inspire, motivate and empower women, we started an event which brings women together to network and communicate. In 2009, we started the only female awards in Nigeria called the ELOY awards. ELOY is acronym for EXQUISITE LADIES OF THE YEAR, which uses its platform to celebrate women of excellence in different fields to inspire and motivate other women and also used to continue to raise the awareness for cervical cancer.

OB: What’s the objective of the Eloy Awards?

TO: The aim of this event is to recognize and celebrate Nigerian outstanding women and their achievements and roles in the society. To also increase the economic visibility of women in Nigeria, to create a platform for networking hence enhance communication links to encourage women into businesses and to support the work being done by Nigerian women to improve themselves and Nigeria as a whole. This event is also being used as a platform to continue to increase the awareness for cervical cancer and screen more women and be able to provide them with adequate information.

OB: Eloy is in its 8th year, what challenges have you faced since launching the platform?

TO: There has been different challenges, with trying to work with the best model to choose our nominees to also working on the value for our potential sponsors. We are very glad the ELOY awards has gotten to a point where people recognise it’s the biggest awards ceremony in Nigeria that celebrates women and a creditable platform too.

OB: What’s the long term expectation for the Eloy Awards?

TO: We have great long term expectations for the ELOY awards. Part of which includes being able to continue to inspire other women and provide a support network for women. Not just for women I know or women affiliated to Exquisite magazine, but for all women who desire to be a better version of themselves.


OB: Kindly give a peek into your background/career over the years

TO: Well, I hold a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Portsmouth. Worked in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 10 years before I decided to work on Exquisite magazine full time. The pilot edition of Exquisite magazine was launched in 2003 and the first issue in 2004, these were launched whilst I was still a Clinical Data manager. During that period, I did a lot of research, read a lot of books on starting and sustaining a magazine, took courses on journalism, editing, proof reading and publishing to be abreast with the requirements of my new role as a publisher and Editor in Chief.

OB: What are your expectations for this year’s event?

TO: We should expect a great event as always, with the ante up a bit. We get better every year thanks to God and our partners. Expect to see women in their splendour being celebrated for being women, nominees and winners, expect the men to join the celebration as well. The aim as always is to be able to continue to inspire, motivate and empower women, celebrate our successes and show that it can be done. We want other women to be inspired by these women and strive to be the best they can be. This year, our theme is “all women are worth celebrating”. We have been celebrating women in any community, workplace, sector or anywhere that is doing great work, under our CEMI (Celebrate, Empower, Motivate and Inspire) honours, which has been created to celebrate these women. The celebrations is being done all through the month of November running up to the ELOY awards 2016. We have been asking everyone to send us names and reasons why we should celebrate their nominees. These set of nominees are different from the nominees for the ELOY awards.


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