Emma Nyra, Nigerian Artist Birth A Set Of Twin

Emma- Nyra's Twin- Ono Bello

Nigerian artist Emma Nyra gave birth to a set of twin on Sunday 11 August 2018, and she expressed extreme joy.

In her own words

“I have never been so inspired and full of love as I am today. With style and full force, you’ve both entered this world and forever impacted my destiny. My career has been my top priority for the past ten years of my life, so you can imagine that I was surprised and shocked for what God had in store for me! Last year I over booked and over worked myself tirelessly just to be able to accomplish one of my biggest goals which was to move into my dream home in Lagos!

“I was in a place in my life where I couldn’t imagine being more content! My parents were extremely proud of all of my accomplishments and my personal life was full of love and friends that encouraged me, since we all have similar goals and dreams.


Emma did a good job in hiding it from the media, as she kept it low key. We rejoice with her as she has begun motherhood.

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emma-nyra-baby-bump- Ono Bello


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