Emma Nyra Talks Physical Abuse From Ubi Franklin, Leaving TripleMG, More On ‘Da Chat’ –Watch!

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If you thought you’ve heard the end of the drama between former TripleMG firstlady Emma Nyra and her ex-manager Ubi Franklin, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

The ‘For My Matter’ singer was guest on HFtv Africa’s ‘Da Chat’ and she opened up on the reason behind her split from the label, her relationship with Ubi Franklin, the truth behind the abuse tales, and more.

Emma Nyra denied ever dating Ubi Franklin saying it was a rumor which was self-started and became embarrassing for her. Speaking on the rumored physical abuse she suffered from Ubi, she said: “As a woman, I took a lot.I don’t want to cry or get emotional, but it was a tough time for me. The reason why I never spoke of it, is I wasn’t trying to bring him any negative attention. I care about his character and I don’t think he realised how people would perceive that. There was no repercussion because I never spoke on it.

“I don’t want to be the fame of female abuse but one day when I feel I’m stronger, I’ll definitely speak about it.”

Watch all she had to say below!




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