Fashion Guru & Editor-in-Chief Nuel Bans, Covers “The Editors’ Issue Of His Debonair Afrik Magazine






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The Creative Director, Ghanaian fashion guru and Editor -In -Chief of Debonair Afrik, Emmanuel Ekuban known to fashion Creative as Nuel Bans covers the editor’s issue for the month of August. He has chalked a lot of successes in these few years. Continue reading to find out more.

In an interview with Miss Seyram Nutsukpui Bans revealed that he believes the industry in Ghana is positively evolving.

“People here are beginning to understand and accept that fashion is a serious business venture like any other, but I think currently how lucrative it is, is dependent on where you stand with regards to your niche and craft.”


‘Hmm, there has been a tremendous improvement but there is still a lot of work to be done so we can keep up with our foreign counterparts. For example, stylists, creative directors and to some extent models, were not as valued or utilised some years ago as they are now.”

When asked what challenges he faces as a fashion creative in this part of the world, this is what he had to say.

“I come from a very subtle background where everyone is respected irrespective of who you are or what you have but in this industry, you must belong to a certain class of people before others would even collaborate with you, regardless of how good you are! You will only see these so-called high-class people clinging onto you when you have something they want, which should not be so. Creativity is God-given and each person deserves that chance to blow up. I mean when the people do well, we grow the industry and make it reputable. Finally, the support system is weak at this side of the world. It’s not rosy to push through or get the work done. At the beginning of Our Magazine, The support wasn’t sufficient because we were not covering the Everyday Celebrity, our vision and mission are to project Creatives making waves in the fashion industry here in Africa”.

See more photos from the cover shoot below!

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