Empire Star-Actor, Jussie Smollett’s Criminal Case Dropped! 

190129090151-jussie-smollett-exlarge-169Hollywood and Empire star-actor, Jussie Smollett who was meant to be prosecuted for allegedly faking a racial attack has been set free after all charges were dropped.

According to TMZ, Jussie and his lawyers ran to court Tuesday morning in Chicago, where he was facing 16 felony counts of lying to police in the alleged racial and homophobic attack. .

Apparently, Jessie will surrender his $10,000 bond and that’s all; case over.

Reports claim the State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, told Chicago police she was dropping the case because Jusssie would have only gotten community service if convicted and he has already performed community service so there is no point in prosecuting him.

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