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As we all might know, hardly anything does one’s mental, spiritual and creative health more good than resolving to read more. Today’s reading recommendations are to re-inspire your habit of reading and to introduce you to quality features where you can learn.


‘Fine Boys’ A Novel By Eghosa Imasuen

This 379 page novel, ‘Fine Boys’ by Eghosa Imasuen’ was set in Warri, October 1992. It is a haunting and darkly funny story about the real lost boys, characterized by Ewaen and his friends in their early years in the university in the 90’s where they vainly struggle to escape the influences of campus gangs and a military dictatorship while trying to have as much fun and as little responsibility as possible.


The book has been described as a witty biography about our generation. The writer exposed the weakness of a generation which, arguably, is one of the scarred in post war Nigeria.


In Fine Boys, Eghosa writes fearlessly and beautifully about friendship, love, loss and betrayal. The book is thought provoking, perfectly paced, uniformly delightful, compassionate, and full of humour but also heart-breaking.


Eghosa Imasuen is a Nigerian novelist and a medical doctor. He graduated from the University of Benin in 1999. He has had his short fictions published in online magazines; he has written articles for Farafina magazine. His first novel, “To Saint Patrick”, was an alternate history murder mystery about Nigeria’s civil war. “Fine Boys” is his second novel and it is now internationally available on Amazon Kindle.


‘Rebuilding From Ground Zero’: An Empowering Guide To Building And Securing Wealth By Seni Hazzan

Seni Hazzan is a Nigerian author who went to the United States of America with nothing, built an empire worth millions only to lose it after September 11, 2001. He later went on to rebuild his life’s work even better this time and wrote “Rebuilding From Ground Zero” to show others how they can achieve results as well, by applying a few principles in their lives and business.


This 234 pages book is an empowerment tool that anyone, regardless of status, can utilize to gain wholesome success in life from the scratch. It gives a step-by-step guideline to take anyone up the ladder of wealth creation; guidelines which the titans of wealth and riches have been using but the poor and the middle class never knew. It’s well-packaged to free the mind of all in order to explore immense potentials and vast riches of the world.


Apart from the outstanding anecdotal support and principles in this book, the author’s own accomplishments are also living proof of the potency of the secrets that he gave out.


This book is by the acclaimed winner of the Golden Eagle Leadership Award of Entrepreneur of the year and is valuable in the rebuilding of individuals, families, businesses and the nation at large given its emphasis on wealth as a reward for serving others wholeheartedly. It gives practical insight on how to write your own cheque for any dream or vision you have and on how to protect your wealth once gained.



‘The Phoenix’ By Chika Unigwe

This dazzling novella is a story about a Nigerian woman, Oge who is a mother and a wife just starting a family in an unfamiliar turf; Belgium before she was struck by two tragedies. In the middle of trying to deal with the death of her toddler son and a diagnosis of cancer, a third one looms.


The phoenix is a 185 pages book that was originally published as De Feniks in Dutch. It is an uncommon captivating story with strong overtones of the Diaspora. It explores the theme of grief, illness and loneliness of a woman trying to find her place in a strange country and culture.


Chika Unigwe was born in Enugu, Nigeria, but is presently living in Turnhout, Belgium with her husband and four children. De Feniks was her first novel, she released it in 2005. She just recently published a second novel, “On Black Sister’s Street”; a tale of choices and replacement set against the backdrop of the Antwerp prostitution scene. She has won various awards for her works one of them being the 2003 BBC short story competition for her story “borrowed smile”.


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