Ex-BBN Mate, Leo DaSilva Advice Couples To Be Aware Of Their Sexuality Before Getting Married

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Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Leo DaSilva has warned prospective couples to be well informed of their partner’s sexuality before saying the marital vows. An advice that might be taken from the fact that homosexuality is against the law in Nigeria, hence it has overtime caused a lot of gay people go into straight relationships in order to hide.

Taking to his Twitter page, the reality star gave his piece:

Before you get married, be very sure of the sexuality of your partner.”

“Bruh the stories I am getting in my DM from this tweet. Absolutely mind blown.”

“I’m not trying to promote sex before marriage or anything like that. If you want to fornicate or not, that’s between you and your God. I’m just advising you all that it’s important to know your partners sexuality while getting to know them, do not ignore that aspect.”

“Tips: watch how they respond to things, look at the same sex, talk about minor things. If possible try to always look at what catches their gaze”

“Just pay attention. You don’t need to sleep with someone before you know these things.”


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