Ex-BBN Mate, Lolu Makes Come Back With His Improved Vlog: ‘The Chronicles Of Lolu’, Watch!


After a much needed break, Ex-BBN Mate Lolu Shomuyiwa is back with his Vlog “Chronicles Of Lolu”. Before the break, Lolu’s Vlog had garnered quite a substantial followership with over a thousand subscribers to the channel and over Fifteen thousand views across the first 6 episodes; not for the quality of the videos but for the information and knowledge passed on.

True, there had been concerns about the quality of his videos, Lolu has since taken feedback positively.

In what will be the first of 5 episodes before the end of its debut season, Lolu discusses fashion, his simple but yet classy sense of style, in his usual tradition answers questions from social media and some other interesting topics.

Enjoy the video below!

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