Exclusive: “I Love That We Were Not Portrayed As Slaves”- Stephanie Linus On ‘Boonville Redemption’

Yesterday we brought you behind-the-scenes photos from actress Stephanie Linus latest flick ‘Boonville Redemption’, which is currently being shot in the United States.


OnoBello.com had a chat with the star actresson her involvement in the American faith-based movie directed by Don Schroeder and here’s what she had to tell us exclusively.


On why she decided to take up the role:

“I love the fact that black people were not portrayed as slaves and I also get to look different from every other films I have done in the past

Stephnie Linus

On the costumes:

As per the costumes and hair, it’s a faith based movie and a period pieces(who wouldn’t love that!).

Stephnie Linus

On her role:

I play the role of Doris a compassionate woman(from the second generation of slave trade in America whose parents come from Nigeria) who was called to help Grandma Mary when she fell ill and sheltered a boy who lost his parents. Coming from a background of oppression, she encouraged her uncle to tell the truth about Melinda’s father. A young girl she forms a bond with,who grew up not knowing her father.

Doris is no longer a slave and she lives with her Uncle in this community where people are not judged by their race or colour. She is a strong compassionate woman who forms a bond with a young girl, Melinda, who grew up not knowing her father.

Doris plays the role of convincing her Uncle to reveal the truth to this young girl about her father’s whereabouts. She also helps take care of Miss Mary, Melinda’s grandmother when she was ill and sheltered a young boy who had no place to stay.

Stephnie Linus





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