Exploring New Design Aesthetics! WeizDhurm Franklyn Releases Pre-Fall 2015 Collection


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Yesterday, we brought you WeizDhurm Franklyn’s Spring/Summer 2015 Ad Campaign, missed that? Then click here to view photos!

Today we have the brand’s Pre- Fall 2015 collectionlookbook.According to the design brief: “Inspiration drawn from the moon crescent and star symbol which had been used for centuries.The brand releases it first Pre-fall collection, which is infused with day, cocktail and evening dresses. Being the most flexible collection of the brand yet, major focus is centered aroundversitality. Reoccurring are signature colours and silhouettes to the brand, sparked with a tad bit of new offerings.WeizDhurm Franklyn explores new design aesthetic with suede cut fringes, organza geometric prints and less beadwork.”

Weiz Dhurm _090719 Weiz Dhurm _090726
Weiz Dhurm Franklyn PreFall
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Weiz Dhurm _093907 Weiz Dhurm 10005
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Weiz Dhurm 090722 Weiz Dhurm 090723
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Weiz Dhurm 090854 Weiz Dhurm 90856

For more information, please contact via Instagram: @weizdhurm 

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