Fake House Ownership: Blogger Blessing Okoro & Onye Eze Toast To Peace- Get All The Deets

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Blessing Nkiruka Okoro

So, this has been a drama on social media for a few days now. Let’s start from the beginning….

Blessing Nkiruka Okoro on the 23rd of May celebrated her 30th birthday by posting a seven bedroom duplex she claimed to have built in Abuja. The congratulations and tapping into Blessing’s blessing came rolling in on her page and bloggers jumped on it to post her achievement. However in the next few days that followed Onye Eze, a Businessman who was in China at the time was shocked to be informed that his newly completed house in Enugu was being claimed by Blessing.

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3. Blessing Okoro Main

Not only did he provide proof of ownership, he flew in from China to possess his possession. Following this Blessing was exposed in a phone conversation she had with a “friend” who leaked it to the media, in recorded audio phone conversation the relationship blogger admitted to lying that about owning the house but consoled herself in with the promise that she will build the exact same house to save face on social media.

See Onye Eze’s proof below.



After this audio was published on several blogs and across social media, the ambitious young lady in a quest to still rescue her reputation, tried to hide the truth, was seen telling one of her fans in a live Instagram video that she owned the house, her fan during the video told her that the best thing for her to do will be to share videos of both her house showing the date of recording, however she replied saying she won’t share full details of her said house due to security reasons.

Listen to Blessing’s phone conversation to a friend below. 

Blessing on a live Instagram video with a fan


Blessings post showing the difference between her house and Eze Onye’s house

A few hours after this video was shared we got wind that Onye Eze stormed Blessings home with armed Policemen, they made a video of poor Blessing in handcuffs and on her knees begging for forgiveness while admitting that she didn’t own the house as well as confirming that it belonged to Mr. Eze. According to reports they proceeded to the Police station.

Blessing resurfaced on the internet a few hours later to post a video assuring her fans that she was doing okay. “I’m ok, it will die down very soon.” She said.

After all the back and forth of this saga, a video finally surfaced of Blessing and Onye Eze toasting and making up for all drama that has ensued between them.

For those that may not know, just in March, the divorced mother of two announced that she bought herself a Mercedes Gwagon Brabus SUV to mark her 30th birthday while in 2018 the “Break or Make up” Instagram blogger while celebrating her 29th birthday announced that she bought a Mercedes Benz GLK SUV.

These recent developments brings to question all her material achievements she had previously announced on Social Media.

We are glad that both parties have reconciled and all is well and we are wishing them the best.


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