Fashion 101: Learn How To Make Shimmering Metallics Work For You! - -

Fashion 101: Learn How To Make Shimmering Metallics Work For You!

One of the newest fashion trends has to be the shimmering metallic staking center stage, not in eye shadows and beauty products alone, but also in key pieces of your wardrobe. Starting from the runway to red carpets, fashionistas are glowing and glittering with shades of silver and gold—and we like it! So why not incorporate one of the season’s hottest trends into your wardrobe with our helpful tips to making the metallic colour work for you.

Metallic Colour Trend On The Runway

The first think to realize with metallic colours is that less is more. One has to be careful not to overdo it as you could end up looking more tacky than fashionable. Keep metallic wardrobe pieces simple and understated. Pick one metallic piece to wear—a pair of tights, a top, heels, etc.—and keep the rest of your outfit simple and complementary.

Metallic Colour Trend On The Red Carpet

Complement your trendy look with metallic shades in your makeup. Gold and silver are both wearable, and frequently used in smoky eye applications. A fun twist is to use metallic-inspired shades of purple, green, orange, or even black. With the right amount of light reflecting sparkle, any shade can look metallic.

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