Fashion Blogger Ifeanyi Okafor Jr Is Back With Another Editorial Titled “The Opposite Of Naive”

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If you know Fashion Blogger Ifeanyi Okafor Jr, you will know he has a thing for bright coloured outfits which at the end of the day, makes him stand out. Ifeanyi is back with another Fashion Editorial and this one is called ‘The Opposite of Naive”

It has been an incredibly fast year! (I can’t believe the year is almost over.) I think this is the best time to start preparing for the next year by taking stock to know how much we have achieved at the moment and what’s left to be done in this year. It is also a perfect time to plan for the next year as you trust I will be doing same.

For this post, I have combined two colours, purple and grey to give you a style inspiration for a formal and unique look.

I’m wearing grey waistcoat and trousers paired with a purple blazer. (see what I did there, a bit of mix and match).

The black shirt has served as a neutral base for me to play with colours.

I think this is a very bold look which is perfect for a formal evening out with friends or to events.










I want to know what you think of this outfit? Let’s talk!



Waistcoat and Trousers: Regium Studio

Blazers: Asos

Flower Lapel Pin: Asos

Gold Collar Accessory: Asos

Photography: Daniel Okon.



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