Fashion Designers Makioba Olugbile, Kiki Okewale, Bunmi Olatunji, Patricia Onumonu for Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue

Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue OnoBello-9001

Patricia Onumonu of Trish O Couture

Talent in Nigeria is constantly on the rise especially in the fashion industry, it’s an integral part of human wants and needs.

There is a buzzing need for people to dress well and look good in this part of the world, on this week’s Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue, Makioba Olugbile of Makioba Couture, Kiki Okewale of H.O.P.E Fashion, Bunmi Olatunji of Bunmi 1 and Patricia Onumonu of Trish O Couture are all women doing very well in their fields.

For this issue, they sat down with Vanguard Allure’s Yemisi Suleiman to discuss what it’s taking them to remain relevant and what their plans going forward are.

Check out photos from the magazine coming out tomorrow Sunday!

Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue OnoBello-

Makioba Olugbile of Makioba Couture

Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue OnoBello-8827

Bunmi Olatunji of Bunmi 1

Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue OnoBello-8889

Kiki Okewale of H.O.P.E Fashion

Vanguard Allure Fashion Issue OnoBello-1


Creative Director: @NellyMesik

Photography: @Trans4mazfotography

Makeup: For Makioba: @GlambyAleeza

For Trish O: @debbysez

For H.O.P.E and Bunmi: @peacePolycarp

Hair: Ifeanyi for @Indulgence_hairaffairs

Location: @TrishoLuxuryInteriors VI, Lagos

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