Fashion Mid-Week Top 6: The Chic And Classy Colours Of Court Shoes

The shoe trend for the moment is the pointed Court shoes. While we still absolutely love obscenely high pumps, it’s time to give our ankles and feet a rest and indulge in mid-heel Court shoes that are suitable for any occasion.

It’s a ladylike look, and feminine fashion is back with the pointed courts taking centre stage where footwear is concerned. Pointed courts are cropping up everywhere and we love them. Here are our top 6 colours to rock.


Black is of course a top colour for absolutely anything. We love the elegant style, and how slimming they make your leg line. Black is always classy and timeless.


Beige, cream or nude colours are another set of go to colours for safety. These shoes give a classy edge to any outfit.

Contrast Toes

Looking for a bit of difference? Then the Contrast Toe Courts is where you should invest. Pointed shoes are firmly on our fashion radar – especially ones with contrast toes.


Now, who doesn’t love a little colour and sass? The Yellow Courts are bright and bold and announce your presence, better still if they are a patent pair or neon shade.


Orange Court shoes don’t go with everything and are selectively bold.. They can be paired beautifully with different other colours though.


Where would the world be without loud red shoes? The Courts are no different really, we love them in different shades and red is one of our favourite colours to see the elegant feminine shoes in.


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