Meet Fashion Model Cynthia Chisom Umezulike

As you may know, is a platform that gives exposure and support to talented Nigerians and Africans, so when we got a press release on Cynthia Chisom Umezulike, we thought to ourselves that this will make a good read under our “Biography” section.


A lot people may not know Cynthia Chisom Umezulike, however she is a Nigerian fashion model currently residing in the United Kingdom. Cynthia has an impressive, creative and uniquely modeling portfolio. She was scouted at the young age of 15 and got her first break at the Ford Model Awards in Nigeria. In 2006, she became Miss Tourism Lagos and went on to represent Nigeria at the Miss Bikini World in Taiwan.



In 2010, Cynthia won Miss Commonwealth Nigeria, she also represented Nigeria alongside 50 other delegates from around the world at the Miss Commonwealth International. She then used this avenue to raise awareness for the Save the Children Foundation. She provided needy kids with school supplies and textbooks.


Cynthia has managed to balance academics with her modeling career, following in her parents footsteps, she bagged a Master’s degree in Human Rights Law from the University of London, Queen Mary and she is also talking steps on embarking on a doctorate program in International Law on the Right of a child.



Presently, Cynthia works at Vauxhall Fashion scouts, she also showcases for Jasper Garvida, Rhiannon Jones Bolshie, Adebayo Jones and Yemi Osunkoya. She has also been featured in numerous international publications such as New African Woman, FAB online, The Sun, The Voice and so many more.



She just also completed her first book titled “Parallel Sapphires- Rules to Inspire”. The book offers a detailed guidance on how teenagers can build their self-esteem, accept their true worth and realize their full potential. It is definitely evident that Cynthia is set for higher heights.


You can find Cynthia on:

Facebook: chisom.cynthia.7

Twitter: @posh-cynthia


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  1. A ‘Little White Lie’ in there, she certainly doesn’t have a Masters Degree from our university


    Andy Williams, University Admissions Officer

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