Father-Son Goals! DJ Khaled & Asahd Are Cute On The Cover Of GQ Middle East

DJ Khaled & Asahd GQ Middle East OnoBello (1)

Khaled Mohamed Khaled popularly known as DJ Khaled and his 2-year-old son, Asahd Khaled are the latest cover personalities of GQ Middle East.

In the issue tagged “At Long Last, DJ Khaled Gets Real”, the DJ, songwriter, and record producer over a barbering session with the magazine, opens up on fatherhood, his roots and everything he learnt from touring with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Read excerpts below.

On his son, Asahd:

“The day Asahd came into my life is the day I became greater. Also the day I experienced the purest form of love, I always thought I knew what love was, until I met Asahd. Asahd, he came out of my queen’s belly: God and my queen delivered my son to me and to our family. When he first locked eyes with me – I’ll never forget it.”


On his early beginnings:

“They came from nothing. They built the house. They used to live in one room, all on the floor, and cook on the floor. All the brothers – all my uncles – built her a beautiful home…It just woke me up to know what life is really about. That’s why my mother and father made sure I went to visit my homeland. My mum and dad worked seven days a week, selling clothes out of a truck in the flea market. I got to see a real hardworking mother and father – because they raised me at work.”


On getting tapped to open Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s double-headliner tour:

“I’ve seen how beautiful their family was, working every day, city to city, doing shows. I’m blessed for them to have invited me on their show. Even through all the shows that they had, it was family first. It was the best thing ever to happen to me. It taught me so much. It taught me how to work and balance.

Now, everybody around me knows: don’t worry about me, worry about my son and my queen. I’m a father. And then the minute it’s time to go on stage, I go do something that I love. The other best feeling is watching my son watching me perform. It’s beautiful, man. I wouldn’t change nothing. I’m about to work even harder. Jay-Z told me, ‘You think you’re great now? When you have a kid, you’re going to be greater.’ Boy, he was not lying. He was right again.”








Photo Credit: GQ Middle East

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