Female Employee Of Day Care Goes On A Stabbing Spree, Stabs Two Adults & Three Babies


Three newborn babies and two adults were stabbed during a pre-dawn attack at a suspected illegal childcare center in borough of Queens, New York on Friday, 21st of September, allegedly carried out by a 50-year- old female employee.

The injured infants ranged from three days to one-month old, police said. One woman suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso, while a man received a stab wound to the leg.

Officers found the suspect in the basement of the center with a  self-inflicted cut to her wrist and two knives were recovered at the scene. All the injured were taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition, police told reporters.

The Police later told  AFP that the suspect attacked two baby girls and a baby boy, leaving one of the girls in a serious condition. None of the victims’ lives was in danger, police said.

The wounded female victim worked at the daycare, while the other was the father of one of the babies.

A police spokesman earlier told AFP that the childcare center appeared to be an “illegal” facility for members of the city’s Asian community, but officers later clarified that its status was unclear.

The in-home center appears to have functioned for several years, as police responded to a noise complaint from neighbors in 2011.

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