FIFA Rejects Luis Suarez Appeal Against Bite Ban


Luis Suarez was suspended as we reported earlier for his behaviour at the World Cup. Many waved this aside, assuming FIFA would lift the ban in no time but it appears the football governing body is bent on taking its stand. Suarez has a lot to learn these days.

The Uruguay forward, Luis Suarez, has been condemned to serving out his four-month football ban as his appeal and that of the Uruguay FA has been turned down by the world football governing body, FIFA, Premium Timesreports.

In a short statement on its official website, FIFA stated that Suarez will serve out his punishment despite the apology made over his biting incident with Italian defender, Georgio Chellini.


“The FIFA Appeal Committee has decided to reject the appeals lodged by both the Uruguayan player Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan FA, and to confirm the decision rendered by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on 25 June 2014 in its entirety” the statement of FIFA’s website read in part.

Despite the ban, Suarez is set to complete an 88 million Euro deal to move to Barcelona.


Article Credit: Premium Times 

Photo Credits: Mail Online |

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