Former President George Bush Hospitalized For The Second Time In Less Than A Month

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One week after returning to his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, former President George H.W. Bush was taken to the hospital on Sunday, where he will likely remain for several days.

“President @GeorgeHWBush was taken to Southern Maine Health Care (@SMHCHealth) today after experiencing low blood pressure and fatigue,” spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement shared on social media.

Continuing, he wrote that Bush “will likely remain there for a few days for observation,” adding that “the former president is awake and alert, and not in any discomfort.”

The news comes less than a month after the 93 year old returned home after being hospitalized for an infection following his wife Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Despite his hospitalization earlier this month, McGrath told People less than two weeks ago that Bush was “doing great.”


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