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Movie blogger and critic Frances Oribhabor of Diary of a Movie Lover gives her opinion about the movie on everyone’s lips ‘Banana Island Ghost‘.

Read her review below:

A man has an accident and when he meets God, he asks for a chance to find his soulmate before going to heaven. God’s grants his wish but gives him 3 days to find his perfect soulmate. He finds  drawn to the most unlikely person and they both have to work together and survive everything thrown at them within 3 days.

I’ll be very honest, I wasn’t excited to see Banana Island Ghost. I had to literally force myself, mostly because a few people were asking for my review but at the end of the day, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The cast was alright even though I wasn’t really comfortable with Chioma Omeruah (Chigul) playing the lead role, she still did a good job. I don’t think the 2 scenes with Damilola Adegbite were necessary to the plot and Dorcas Shola Fapson’s scene at the office looked like a Coca Cola commercial. I also noticed that they were doing too much with the ads. You can advertise a product in a movie without making it so obvious. One thing this movie got right was the special effects which were pretty flawless.

Nigerian movies have come such a long way and it was obvious with B.I.G. in terms of the cinematography, even though I felt like they made the water in most of the scenes look too blue. If you live in Lagos or have been to Lagos, then you know the water is no where near the color blue.

Some scenes were very unnecessary and a waste of movie time, especially the scene with the police officers singing the national anthem. The audience seemed to love it because they kept laughing and cheering. I kept wondering if I was the only weird one cause I chuckled like 3 times throughout the film. Ijeoma’s (Chigul) accent switched every 2 minutes and it definitely made me roll my eyes a bit.

One thing Nollywood films haven’t gotten right which just annoys me, is the makeup. Ijeoma woke up every morning with foundation on her face and her eyebrows perfectly drawn. If they’re trying to make the whole scene look believable and convincing, then they should have worked on that. Nobody wakes up like that. I also didn’t get the chemistry from The Ghost (Patrick Diabuah) & Ijeoma, it felt more like they were just very good friends not lovers. Even with all the obvious flaws and a few plot holes, Banana Island Ghost isn’t a bad film.

The story line isn’t something fantastic or amazing, it’s not compulsory you see this film but it’s worth giving a try.



WRITER B. B. Sasore

STARRING Chioma Omeruah, Patrick Diabuah, Edun Adetomiwa, Ali Nuhu, Saidi Balogun, Tina Mba

RUNNING TIME 1hr 40mins


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  1. If I were to produce a movie or write a book, obviously I wouldn’t want Oribhabor to review it for me. She seems a little sarcastic. But then, it’s good to have someone of her ‘stature’ reviewed one’s project.

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