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Movie blogger, Frances Oribhabor is back again with another edition of “Diary of a Movie Lover” and this time she reviews one of the top movies of 2017 in Nollywood “My Wife & I 

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After Ebere (Omoni Oboli) and Toyosi (Ramsey Nouah) visit Pastor Theophilous (Seyi Law) to seek counsel for their marriage, he prays for them and the next day, they wake up in each other’s bodies. They are forced to have each other’s lives while searching for a way to switch their bodies back. The whole body switch story has been done like a million times but probably not in Nollywood because this is the first I’m seeing and it wasn’t so bad. I was a bit excited to see this film not because of the story, which wasn’t anything new, but because of Nouah and Oboli who are two of my favorite Nollywood actors and they both played their roles perfectly. They team up again after starring in Kunle Afolayan’s “The Figurine” 10 years ago.

Some of the scenes, especially the ones with Seyi Law were totally unnecessary and forced. The movie felt longer, and it could have easily been wrapped up in less than an hour, forty minutes. Almost every Nollywood film I see always has a problem with makeup. Omoni Oboli woke up almost every morning with complete makeup on her face. I also think they had issues with the sound because in few scenes especially the prayer meeting scene (with the second couple), it looked like someone else and not the characters were talking.

There were a few laughs here and there, but nothing really stood out in the film. The audience seemed to love it because they kept giggling after every scene. Nevertheless, I’m glad Nollywood filmmakers are thinking outside the box and making movies different from what they’ve been doing, Bunmi Ajakaiye and Chinaza Onuzo deserve credit for that.



DIRECTOR Bunmi Ajakaiye

WRITER Chinaz Onuzo

STARRING Ramsey Nouah, Omoni Oboli, Rachel Oniga, Jemima Osunde, Sambasa Nzeribe, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Dozie Onyeriuka

RUNNING TIME 1hr 40mins

RELEASE DATE August 25, 2017
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