Freeze: Aramide Kasumu Alleges Fraud, As Mayowa’s Story Takes A Twist

For some days now, the sad tale of Mayowa Ahmed a 28-year-old female entrepreneur battling with Ovarian cancer seeking for financial assistance to foot her medical bill has been everywhere.

Save a life. Repost. God bless you all.

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With the support of family, friends and well meaning Nigerians, a substantial sum was raised out of the N32, 000, 000 needed through her GoFundMe page as well her Access bank account.

Now, there have been whisperings of fraudulent activities on her case hashtagged #SaveMayowa, which according to reports has been classified “terminal” by doctors therefore calling on Nigerians to make donations was a mute point.

According to Aramide Kasumu of Lifestake Foundation,Mayowa’s story might be a plot to get money off the public.

Below is how CoolFM OAP, Daddy Freeze reports the letter she sent in to him:

“With tears in my eyes I recall a frail looking Mayowa, her beautiful eyes pleading the words “Save me”.My joy knew no bounds, when within a few hours, Nigerians were able to raise the N 32 million Naira needed for her treatment. However, It’s not enough to raise the money, as we also have to ensure that the funds raised, are used for this wonderful lady’s treatment. Two days ago I got a disheartening letter from Aramide of lifestake foundation but decided against publishing it, as it was a very sensitive matter, since a human life was involved. But with the story taking a new dimension today, I decided to share her story, to make sure Mayowa gets the treatment she desperately needs.

Here is Aramide’s letter to me, I still await news from Mayowa’s family.

Dear Daddy Freeze,

Post written on 26th of July the day 32 million was raised for Mayowa’s cancer treatment.

I run a foundation that is 100% not for profit,so when Mayowa’s post went up people tagged me,I ignored until some people opened a group and dragged me in,I was still reluctant,but I obliged them,so I called ,got her daddy and was in her home.

Now when I got to her house I was pissed at why is she home and not in the hospital,then the family said they wanted her to go abroad because they where no longer comfortable with Nigerian hospitals,now I thought so is staying home a better option?Now Mayowa is sickle cell,and a stage 4 cancer,what are her chances of living?

I called the CMD LUTH to organize a bed space in the private unit as they were on strike ,the next day I drove to hers and took her to LUTH.

Now at LUTH the first thing that was brought to my attention when I told them that her stay at LUTH was temporary till she travelled abroad ,the doctor said and I quote “No airline would carry her”

And then all the questions came in ,If no airline would carry her what is the funds raised for?is the $100k not for the trip to Atlanta?

Does she have a visa yet?

Has the hospital sent an invitation yet?

What airline would carry her?

Stage 4 malignant ,chances of survival?

I went through the letter from the hospital it says $100k initial deposit,$3k-30k and 10-50 if really she planned to travel she needs way over 30 million…

I would not lie Mayowa was extremely sweet and I felt sorry for her,she would call me to say thank you,and say “Aramide please don’t forget me here”

I have worked with Kate Henshaw credibility is her watch word and would follow every detail of it,i can guarantee that Kate won’t have posted pics had she gone to the hospital .

So why exactly was money raised from the public?

Now since Mayowa isn’t here,if the funds where for health,can the family use the money for another patient since the money technically belongs to the public?Did they know it would eventually lead to this and use her case as a reason to get money off the public?

Aramide Kasumu.”

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