Freshbydotun Births Ibejí In Their 2018 Unisex Collection

Freshbydotun- OnoBello

Nigerian designer, Freshbydotun has revealed their new unisex collection “Ibeji” on two pairs of identical twins through artistic styles.

Ibeji means twins in the Yoruba language. This indigenous tribe of Nigeria perceives the birth of twins as a special blessing.

The lookbook reveals a set of twin dripping with different versions of the same outfit that look similar and are connected in some way.

In other words, the modern and casual collection are ready to satisfy all your business criteria and personal time needs.

The pieces are ready and can be purchased online and at all freshbydotun outlets.

See pictures from the collection below:

Freshbydotun- OnoBello-2



Freshbydotun- OnoBello-3



Freshbydotun- OnoBello-4


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-5


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-6


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-7


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-8


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-9


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-10


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-11


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-12


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-13

Freshbydotun- OnoBello-14


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-15


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-16


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-17


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-18


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-19


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-20


Freshbydotun- OnoBello-21

Freshbydotun- OnoBello-22


Designer: @freshbydotun

Photography: @ayoalasi

Models: @ochanyya @qweentierny @paul2piz @peter2piz

Makeup: @_zeebaker

Hair: @fimibeautyhands

Publicist: @moafricapr


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