Genevieve Nnaji On A Weekend Getaway! “Receives Medal For Walking The Great Wall Of China”

Nollywood Superstar Genevieve Nnaji has been up and about these past few days crossing from Dubai to China in less than 2 weeks.

The superstar shares pictures of the tour of China on her Instagram account including receiving a medal for walking up the Great Wall of China in Beijing. She adds to the caption “I made it up the #GreatWallOfChina and got a gold medal. That&#39s my story and I&#39m sticking to it,” which leaves the question is she playing pranks in her usual carefree manner or did she walk the whole distant without cheating?

Genevieve who is also on the verge of relaunching her St. Genevieve clothing line took some time to get familiar with “the art of silk making” (in her words) last week Friday when she visited textile factory. From the look of things, Genevieve may just be sourcing for materials for her clothing line.

Still joking around as usual, Genevieve also posted pictures of some of what was on her menu. She expressed her love for the Chinese dessert saying; “fascinated by this fuchsia colored #Chinesefruit called #pitaya.” She also brought back the old saying in another caption. She wrote: “For all the tea in China, you will never…….??? ?#?fillinthegap?.” Of course you know the answer is, “you will never be too far away.”


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