George Weah Shuts Down Internet In Liberia, Following Anti-Government Protests

George Weah -OnoBello

Liberian president, George Weah has reportedly ordered authorities in Liberia to block the internet, in what is perceived to be a move to suppress ongoing anti-government protests in the capital, Monrovia. Netblocks, an organization that monitors internet disruptions and shutdowns confirmed the shutdown on Friday afternoon, saying access to social networking platforms Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat had been restricted.

‘‘The disruptions affecting ordinary operation of the social media platforms have raised concerns of a state order to restrict the Save The State protests in Liberian capital Monrovia,” it said in its statement.

Organisers of the “Save The State” protests have mobilised thousands of Liberians to demonstrate against high rates of inflation and corruption in the country earlier.

The protests walks solely against President George Weah’s administration. Ironically, when Weah was yet to be in power, he pledged that he would tackle corruption head-on, improve the provision of crucial services such as education, health, and infrastructure. It is reported that $104 million and an additional $25 million were lost a few months Weah got into office.

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