#GetMotivatedWithOB! 10 Things We Learnt From Brand Strategist, Charles O’Tudor’s Masterclass


We are excited to announce that our #GetMotivatedWithOB Series is back, and today OnoBello.com was honored to have Global Brand Strategist Charles O’tudor a Principal Consultant at ADSTRAT BMC who spoke on the topic: How to Build your Small Brand and Make Money.

The Get Motivated with Ono Bello Masterclass Series was held Live on all our Social Media platforms and Charles O’tudor offered tips and answered questions on How to Build Bigger Brands for Smaller Businesses, ​How to Build ​B​rands from ​I​nside to the ​Outside.


During these interactive sessions from our Live Social Media Masterclasses, Charles O’tudor  shared business ideas, marketing, branding techniques and all the nitty gritty involved in growing a business in Nigeria that will in turn help you grow your own businesses.

At the end of the session, He shared with us 10 Personal Brand Guide for every entrepreneur. 

See them below:

  • Sort Out Your SWOT Analysis – You should be able to identify your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Treats in your business.


  • Competition – Get to know who your competitors are, it is very important, especially if you are in a competitive market.


  • Market – Grow your market


  • Strategy – Your strategy should be unique to you because no two products are the same. Be innovative


  • Honesty– Always be true to yourself. Ask questions like “Is it possible


  • Do It Now! – Do not procrastinate. The time is now. Take that decision


  • Take Calculated Risks– Always be ready to take calculated risks in your business. Do not be afraid to fail, and if you do, pick yourself up and carry on again.


  • Team Spirit – You should be able to Pick your partners carefully both internally and external, this will determine the growth of your business both internally and externally.


  • Go Global! – Be prepared to go Global, You can be local but be GLOCAL. Always focus on your Global market.


  • Invest in your Network. Your Network is your Networth.




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