State Governors Want To Frustrate Us With Cost Of Nomination Forms – ‘Not-Too-Young-To-Run’ Movement Laments

Not- too-Young-to-RunMembers of the Not- too-Young-to-Run movement in Gombe State, have complained at its conference that some state governors are preventing them from vying for public offices, by increasing the price of nomination forms.

The National Leader of the movement, Hamza Lawal, said this at a press conference organised by the movement in Gombe.

Lawal decried that the high cost of the nomination forms for the 2019 general elections, will make youths and qualified politicians to shelve their ambitions.

He said the whole idea of paying an exorbitant rate for nomination form is part of a grand conspiracy to keep the system only for the moneybags and shut out those with less financial muscle.

 “The movement notes, with concern, the announcement on the cost of nomination forms by various parties which presents a major impediment to youth participation in politics.”

Lawal recommended that the cost for nomination forms by various parties should not exceed N2m for the presidential aspirant, N1m for governorship aspirant, N600,000 for senatorial aspirants, N400,000 for House of Representatives and N200,0000 for state House of Assembly.

He, however, lauded the leadership of some political parties that had reserved tickets for young men and women with character, capacity and competence.

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