Green Carpet Glam! Wofai, Uriel Oputa, Mai Atafo, More Attend Fashion Finest Africa – Renaissance

fASHION Forward OnoBello--2

Aderonke EnoAbasi and Yetty D

Last weekend, Fashion Finest Africa hosted the maiden edition of its fashion show Fashion Finest Africa – Renaissance officially launching in Lagos on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at The Guesthouse, Ikoyi, Lagos.

BBNaija star Uriel Oputa, Strategist Teni Oluwo, Designer Mai Atafo, Mania Magazine editor Godson Ukaegbu, style editor Onah NwachukwuTosin Ogundadegbe of Style Infidel, Comedian Wofaifada and more attended the event.

The fashion showed featured exhibitions; a panel session moderated by Yetty D Ogunubi on ‘Creativity in the Business of Fashion‘ for the ‘Renaissance‘ themed fashion event had Mania Magazine editor Godson Ukaegbu, Maryjane Ohobu and Strategist Teni Oluwo as panelists who spoke on making a living as a fashion designer especially for new industry entrants.

It also featured a runway session where Sally Bawa, SGTC Clothing, Nkaz and 1407 showcased their pieces with amazing afrocentric and casual designs.

See photos from the green carpet below:

fASHION Forward OnoBello--3

Adetoke and Teni Oluwo


fASHION Forward OnoBello--5

Adetoke, Teni Oluwo and Yetty D


fASHION Forward OnoBello--7


fASHION Forward OnoBello--8

Bridget Chigbufue

fASHION Forward OnoBello--9

Dee Mako

fASHION Forward OnoBello--10

DJ CK and Joey

fASHION Forward OnoBello--11

DJ Crowd Kontroller

fASHION Forward OnoBello--12

Teni Oluwo

fASHION Forward OnoBello--13

Teni Oluwo and Bridget Chigbufue


fASHION Forward OnoBello--14 (2)

Teni Oluwo and Yetty D


fASHION Forward OnoBello--15


fASHION Forward OnoBello--16

Wofai Fada

fASHION Forward OnoBello--17 (1)

Yetty D

fASHION Forward OnoBello-5514

Godson ukaegbu, Yetty D, Mai Atafo

fASHION Forward OnoBello-5569

Yetty D and Hugo (1407)

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1663

Aderonke Enoabasi, Adetoke Oluwo, Teni Oluwo, Wofai Fada, Ella, Daala Oruwari

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1679

Wofai Fada and Ella

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1557

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1559

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1563

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1605

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1615

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1619

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1629

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1631

fASHION Forward OnoBello-1749

fASHION Forward OnoBello-2748

fASHION Forward OnoBello-4239

fASHION Forward OnoBello-5444

fASHION Forward OnoBello-5447 (1)


Photo Credits: Insigna Media

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