Groundbreaking! Nigerian Man Builds First Made-In-Nigeria Electric Tricycle To Reduce Carbon Consumption

Kenneth Nwarache‏ Electric Tricyles OnoBello

A Nigerian man, Kenneth Nwarache‏ has unveiled the very first locally-made electric tricycle in Nigeria. 

Kenneth who describes himself as a “dreamer, DIY specialist, collaborator, and founder, made it known on Twitter yesterday after he tweeted a video of the invention which has now garnered great praises.

In his following tweets, Kenneth announced that it was made possible with the help of two other colleagues, who go by the names, Mustapha and SadiqAccording to Kenneth, the electricycle was wholly built in Nigeria and it works quite well, boasting a decent range, low battery drain and a decent charging rate. Just, wow!

He also suggested that charge stations are up next in select locations nationwide while soliciting Retweets and asking people to help in spreading the word. According to one Twitter user, the electricycles will eliminate the harmful combustion from petrol engines in Nigeria. Now that’s groundbreaking.

See more of their plans below.

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