#GTBankFashionWeekend2017: Day 1- Ituen Basi

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0648

The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend kicked off yesterday Saturday 11th November with a series of masterclasses, exhibition and runway shows in Lagos, Nigeria. The two-day fashion weekend which will conclude today, Saturday 12thNovember only demonstrates that the bank is attuned to the needs of the fashion industry.

On Day 1 of the runway shows, one of Africa’s most renowned Fashion brand Ituen Basi showcased its SS/18 Collection.

The Ituen Basi label was launched in Lagos, Nigeria, to critical acclaim. A celebration of individuality and feminism, the label is a stylish combination of timeless elegance with a contemporary twist, synonymous with cutting edge design aesthetic. Its first full home based collection in 2009, started a new era of Ankara interpretation in Nigeria and Africa. Ituen Basi’s refreshing celebration of the ubiquitous Ankara print in all its glory typifies the label’s iconic signature that has withstood the test of time.

See collection below

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0650

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0654

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0658

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0662

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0665

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0670

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0672

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0673

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0677

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0682

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0685

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0687

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0688

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0694

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0698

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0703

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0706

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0709

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0710

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0712

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0716

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0720

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0723

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Ituen Basi OnoBello-0732

Photo Credit- Dara Adekoya



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