#GTBankFashionWeekend2017: Day 1- Mimi Plange

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0572

The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend kicked off yesterday Saturday 11th November with a series of masterclasses, exhibition and runway shows in Lagos, Nigeria. The two-day fashion weekend which will conclude today, Saturday 12thNovember only demonstrates that the bank is attuned to the needs of the fashion industry.

On Day 1 of the runway shows, one of Africa’s Fashion brand Mimi Plange showcased her SS/18 Collection.

Mimi Plange creates clothes that are very much inspired by the modern American luxury sportswear tradition, with an infusion of dark romance and aimed at the new, international and democratically-minded consumer. Africa remains a limitless font of inspiration for the Ghanaian-born designer, who constantly seeks out the unusual and the lyrical found in African traditions, landscapes and lore, and reinterprets these themes in a refreshingly modern way.

See collection below

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0574

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0575

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0577

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0579

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0583

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0588

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0596

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0600

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0604

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0608

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0615

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0617

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0621

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0627

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0636

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0639

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Mimi Plange OnoBello-0641

Photo Credit- Dara Adekoya



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