#GTBankFashionWeekend2017: Day 1- Taibo Bacar

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0490

The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend kicked off yesterday Saturday 11th November with a series of masterclasses, exhibition and runway shows in Lagos, Nigeria. The two-day fashion weekend which will conclude today, Saturday 12th November only demonstrates that the bank is attuned to the needs of the fashion industry.

On Day 1 of the runway shows, one of Africa’s most renowned Fashion brand Taibo Bacar showcased its beautiful and unique collection.

TAIBO BACAR is a brand known for it’s fusion of high fashion and ready to wear, created in 2008 by the designer Taibo Bacar. Today TAIBO BACAR is considered one of the leading brands in Africa.

It is determined, delicate and classic. It’s an instantaneous burst of wholesome energy for all women who identify themselves with eclectic style where the silhouette plays a central role. A brand that emphasizes the feminine body using only selected cutting techniques and the highest grade of materials, making every TAIBO BACAR woman a unique being that is envied, respected and adored.

In the African Fashion industry TAIBO BACAR is considered a solid and sustainable pillar for the forthcoming years. The brand has won many international awards since its inception and was the first African brand to showcase at Milan Fashion Week. It is a brand that is slowly conquering the world, always remaining faithful to its roots and forever valuing the timeless creations designed in Mozambique and Africa.

See photos from the runway below


#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0497

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0500

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0504

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0507

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0513

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0517

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0520

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0527

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0532

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0541

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0546

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0549

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0551

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0555

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0558

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Taibo Bacar OnoBello-0566

Photo Credit- Dara Adekoya



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