#GTBankFashionWeekend2017: Day 1- Tracy Reese

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0255

The 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend kicked off yesterday Saturday 11th November with a series of masterclasses, exhibition and runway shows in Lagos, Nigeria. The two-day fashion weekend which will conclude today, Saturday 12th November only demonstrates that the bank is attuned to the needs of the fashion industry.

On Day 1 of the runway shows, American designer Tracy Reese showcased her collection.

Tracy Reese is an American designer whose signature rich, daring colors and unique prints are crafted into joyful, feminine pieces for the modern woman. Tracy Reese’s design philosophy is rooted in a commitment to bringing out the beauty in women of all shapes, sizes and colors. Stimulated by the world around her, Tracy Reese takes inspiration from nature, art, dance, travel and global cultures.

See runway collection below

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0272

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0276

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0278

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0281

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0283

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0288

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0296

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0306

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0312

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0317

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0320

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0327

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0330

#GTBankFashionWeekend2017 Tracy Reese OnoBello-0350

Photo Credit- Dara Adekoya



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