Surprise! “Cee Lo Green Was The First To Record “Happy”- Pharrell Williams

Surprise surprise! Thanks to unnamed “powers that be,” Cee Lo missed out on an iconic chart juggernaut. Pharrell Williams&#39 untouchable pop hot-streak has reached new heights with “Happy,” but as it turns out, the infectious worldwide smash was originally recorded by Cee Lo Green. Pharrell told Howard Stern in a recent radio interview.


“But Cee Lo isn&#39t harboring any bitterness. “There was a much bigger agenda for [Cee Lo], he had an album to put out,” Pharrell says. “It&#39s not his fault – he was totally down with it…. He was one of the most gracious people about it when (“Happy”) came out.”

“Happy” first found success on the soundtrack for Despicable Me 2, before appearing on Pharrell&#39s new solo record Girl. And the song has made more than just a commercial impact – it&#39s also had a major emotional effect on its creator.”



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