Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015- Lanre DaSilva Ajayi Debuts SS16 Collection- ‘Geometric Fusion’

>Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-1 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-2

Renowned fashion designer, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi debuted her collection for Spring/Summer 2016 titled Geometric Fusion on day 4 at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015 (LFDW).

To close the shows at this year’s LFDW, the designer showcased  a collection that was heavily influenced by Geometry, the designer uses tie-dye from Nike Art Gallery and digital images to create hexagon and triangle prints this season.

The collection features strict forms and minimal cuts that creates very feminine and easy shapes which provides a lot of movement and colours to the garments. Maths and Fashion are successfully united in this collection with ethereal prints that imitates a cobweb.

The pieces are full of rich details that make each garment unique. The solid colours keep the purity of the pieces alive and the importance of the tailoring is evident, as though the garments were a second skin.

According to the designer, “I was interested in the idea of covering garments with geometric tiles to create a print that is unique yet stays true to my aesthetic as a designer and my love for colour. The idea was to start with a regular shape that can tessellate such as a hexagon and then modify it”

View the collection below.

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-3 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-4
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-5 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-6
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-7 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-8
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-9 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-10
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-11 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-12
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-13 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-14
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-15 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-16
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-17 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-18
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-19 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-20
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-21 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-22
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-23 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-24
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-25 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-26


Photo Credit:  Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)



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