Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015- Mi-Le

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-1 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-2


Mi-Le showcased a collection that is driven by the ethos of a girl who loves to play and experiment with her looks.

The collection consisted of chic colours and prints and came in contemporary designs such as dresses, skirts, tops and other essential pieces a woman would need in her wardrobe.

The designer has definitely ahead of the pack in fashion.

View the full collection below!

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-3 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-4
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-5 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-6
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-7 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-8
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-9 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-10
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-11 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-12
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-13 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-14
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-15 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-16
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-17 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-18
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-19 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-20
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-21 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-22

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-23 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-24


Photo Credit:  Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)

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