Himalayan Culture Meets European Traditions! Stella Jean A/W 15-16 ‘FEMME’ Collection At Milan Fashion Week

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This is a colourful and eye-catching collection from the Roman-Haitian designer Stella Jean showcased recentlyat Milan Fashion Week.

The Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection tagged ‘FEMME’chooses the Indian Himalayas, a place where cultural references often give way to impositions and subordination.

Commenting on the collection to Style.com, Stella Jeans says “I am genuinely interested in multicultural crossovers, I try to keep a fresh perspective, avoiding the traps of the tourist’s eye or, even worse, the perils of an imperialist gaze. It’s not about one culture prevailing on the other. Rather, I am an advocate for the seamless blending of the apparently disparate.” And off she went for a colorfully complex trip to the Himalayas, complete with outsized pom-pom tassels and garishly opulent decor proudly verging on the kitsch.”

View the full collection below.

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