Hollywood Actor, Tracy Morgan Crashes $2Million Bugatti Barely 30 Minutes After Buying It

Tracy Morgan

Hollywood Comic Actor, Tracy Morgan has crashed his $2 Million 2012 Bugatti barely 30 minutes after he purchased it from the car dealer.  The star of “The Last O.G” got into the accident on Tuesday afternoon, after he was sideswiped by a woman driving a Honda CR-V in New York.

According to reports, Morgan was half a mile from the dealership where he purchased the vehicle.

Tracy Morgan Bugatti

Michael Sexton, the Bugatti sales manager at Manhattan Motorcars, told the paper that Morgan had purchased the convertible about 30 minutes before Tuesday’s accident.

“This was his dream car,” Sexton told the Daily News. “He was talking about it all weekend.”

Although the actor confirmed that he was not hurt after he tweeted that he was OK, but definitely not his ride.

Photos and videos by witnesses has since surfaced online showing both cars with their owners and the police at the scene of the accident.

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