How Do You Live A Purposeful Life? Glory Edozien Is Sharing Tips In Her Vlog – Watch!

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It’s the 34th webisode of Glory Edozien’s weekly vlog, Discovery with Glory and she discussing ‘How to live purposefully’.

She says: “Living with intentionality has kind of become a buzz word. We tell people “be intentional about your life”, ‘live purposefully”, “know your purpose”…but we never really talk about what that means.

This year, one of my resolutions was to be more intentional about my life. I’ve discovered that being intentional isn’t only about following after your dreams but about deliberately putting in place all the necessary steps to live the life you want in future. It’s actually not that easy because it means quite a lot of sacrifice, time and reflection.

In this weeks vlog, I share what I’ve been doing to live purposefully. I hope you enjoy watching, learn, and share your own guidelines for living a purpose filled life.”



Written by Olufunke Edidi 



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