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Nigerian Afro-pop star, Morihanfen Oluwaseun, popularly known as Sean Tizzle is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to the Afro fusion of pop music in Nigeria, and Africa at large. The singer who welcomed his child in 2017 stated that fatherhood changed a lot about his personalities as well as his music.

Speaking with showtime, the multi-talented artiste lined up the benefits he has enjoyed and still enjoying from fatherhood:

“Fatherhood has taught me to be more conscious of myself and my responsibilities. It is safe to say that my baby girl’s birth changed my life and being an amazing father is one of the most fulfilling experiences”,

On the effect it has on his music, he said: “Yes, fatherhood has affected my music positively; it has given me more motivation to work harder.”

He added that as at the time he became a father, nothing would have made him give up the opportunity.

“No; not at all, nothing would have made me give up the experience. It is a very important part of my journey”, he noted.

Speaking about his career he said;

“I think I have grown musically and also as a brand a lot has evolved with and around me, i.e my style, and I would like to think that my sound has gotten more unique over time, but the fans also have a huge part to play in how well they appreciate my works, because I try to put myself out but sometimes people tend to forget or ignore you when you are trying to get to the top. I have not failed music wise so I think it’s been a success and we keep working and keep getting better.”

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