How to Add Weight Healthily by Ayo Olaogun Elizabeth |Season 2 Episode 1


Creative Designer of Ayo Van Elmar, Ayo Olaogun Elizabeth is back in the Season 2 of her Health Show, Eat Right Africa. Here she talks about how to “Add Weight Healthily.”

Adding weight is not often discussed because the number of people struggling to lose weight is often greater than the number of people trying to add weight in most African cities.
Besides, there are more health complications associated with being overweight than there are with being on underweight or hanging around the borderline of ideal weight / underweight.

Nonetheless, there is a significant number of Africans, who may not necessarily be predisposed genetically to high metabolic rates but yet struggle to add or maintain gained weight.

A common major trait among people who go to work and aren’t adding weight, though they can and would love to gain some four to five kilograms, is the reluctancy to take a break from work, which then leads to long extended hours of hunger.

This episode discusses how to gain weight healthily.


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