How To Keep Bouncy Gorgeous Hair: 10 Hair Rules Everyone Is Breaking

It’s not impossible to get that shiny gorgeous healthy looking hair as seen in TV commercials for hair products if you follow some rules. The hair experts have been consulted and here are some tips to keeping your hair absolutely stunning:

1. Look for a shampoo that lathers less. Shampoos that lather too much are usually full with moisturizing products, which will make your hair look dirtier quicker. Therefore, try a sulfate-free shampoo.

2. Before you hop out of the shower, quickly rinse your locks with cold-ysh water. This will add a sleek finish to your hair.

3. When blow-drying your hair using a round brush. Do it in sections and start with the roots. Dry all the way to the ends, then let your hair section cool off on its own for five seconds. Then move to another section and repeat the steps.

4. Get regular trims. This means going to the hair salon every 4 to 8 weeks. This will help your hair look and feel healthy.

5. Keeping your wet hair wrapped in a towel for too long is bad! Instead, squeeze out excess water after showering, then let your hair air-dry for five or ten minutes before blow-drying.

6. Use hair products that are made specifically for your hair type and the style you are going for. For fine hair, use a lightweight mousse; for dry hair, use a cream gel or balm; and for curly locks use a gel to control frizz.

7. Eat healthy for beautiful hair. Eat fruits, vegetables, proteins, B vitamins, and omega 3’s to give your hair its rightful vitamins.
8. Keep your hands off your hair! By messing with your hair all day you are damaging the hair strands and transferring the dirt, germs, and grease from into your hair. Same goes for your face!

9. Spray bottles are your new best friend. In most cases, when you wake up your hair is a mess and have a way of its own on “styling.” To fix this just spray the top layer of your hair until damp, and then use a big round brush to blow your locks dry. Result: volume and all-over smooth hair.

10. Avoid washing your hair every day. We all love our newly washed hair, but washing your hair daily will actually damage it. It strips your hair of its natural oils, which can make your scalp dry and itchy.
We all want to look our best without much of an effort, but sometimes we have to work it out to see some results.Healthy skin and shiny hair don’t just come – at least not for everyone – without special care. Just follow some simple steps and rules and your hair will be better than ever.

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