How To Wear Red From Head To Toe Effortlessly According To Street Style Blogger Hafymo


Even though some ladies do not like bright colors, Red is that bright color that can take you anywhere. Where ever you wear the Red color to, you are mostly likely to make a fashion statement if worn well… I mean you are sure to be in the spotlight especially when you have the right outfit that compliments the color.

But then on the other hand, wearing the red color from head to toe can go bad really fast, but do not panic, Street Style Blogger and Fashionista Hafymo dishes out some DOs and DON’Ts on How to look effortlessly chic in Head To Toe Wearing Red.

According to Hafymo Here are some pointers.

DON’T mix up the hues too much

One of the most common advice I hear when it comes to styling monochromatic outfits is to play with various hues of one color. I disagree in the case of red. Sticking to the same tonality of one red shade will help you achieve a clean, smooth look that doesn’t clash or appear too childish.

Jazz it up with minimal accessories

Less is more when it comes to such a strong combo so accessorize minimally. You can always rely on a pair of glasses like I did to magnify your cool-girl vibe (plus, it helps you wear red confidently). And something as simple as gold hoops will add the pizazz you need.

Break it up with texture

Monochromatic looks are all about details, so don’t forget to play with texture. This jumper was the perfect piece to add to my wide legged pants. I love the knit on the smooth fabric and sometimes all you need is a relaxed silhouette to help you balance things out.

Throw in contrasting accessories

While red shoes and handbag could have worked harmlessly, I threw in this brown bag and scarf to add a blast of contrast. We all need a little contrast in our outfits every time.

 Wear it proudly

I don’t know how many times I’ve stressed the importance of attitude when it comes to wearing something out of the ordinary, but it applies here again. Red is not for the faint of heart. If you’re going to brave the head to toe red look, you need a fierce attitude to escort it.

So fashionistas, are you going to rock the red color from Head to Toe today? Give us a feedback and let us know how you wonderful you slayed. 

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