I Am Shy Especially When It Comes To My Sexiness Or Sexuality – Daniella Okeke


Nollywood Actress, Daniella Okeke took to Instagram to share her sexy pictures from her photo-shoot where she had flawless make-up, cladded in a sheer leotard and disclosed the misconception she faces for being endowed.

“Anyone who really knows me would tell you dat am a very shy person…especially when it comes to my sexiness or sexuality I get very uncomfortable; Surprise? Yeaah but it’s the truth..”

“Someone once told me Daniella God has blessed you with a Badgirl image use it to ur advantage Hummmn I keep wondering what that means.. It’s funny how social media creates a totally different persona about me..not knowing that I am the exact opposite of their assumptions, sometimes I read some lies, fake and wrong stories about me on social media and I laugh so hard and wish if only I was that half a bad bitch
anyway enough of my stories.”
“But I hardly show off my sexy side, becos it does make me uncomfortable but I will make an exception today becos i am a beautiful woman who is blessed and wonderful made..and am proud of the beautiful natural body that am in.”
This is a beautiful picture and if you don’t like it u re a hater..

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Photo Credit: Daniella Okeke/ Instagram

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