“I Feel Music Is Not Working For Me Anymore” – Waje, In Emotional Outpour


In a recent short documentary that Nigerian vocal powerhouse, Waje released, tagged “Music is not for me” the singer in all her realness made it clear that she is struggling to keep up with the pretense that everything is okay with her as a musician.

Waje in the video apparently sparked off after she saw a particular tweet that indicated that she wasn’t promoting her music enough.

In a bid to express herself, she called two of her friends, Fatima and Tolani, making it clear to them that she is ‘Frustrated about her music’.

“I’m just tired, i no longer believe that this thing is working”, she let the words out, from the deepest part of her soul.

The singer was of the opinion that she should put a stop to being a musician, at least for the moment, in order to focus on other things.

“Maybe its time to bow out when the ovation is still there” she told her friends.

Although her friends as usual tried to give her the boost needed, but the singer who was trying so hard not to tear down in tears wasn’t having it, she seem to be completely tired of the whole ‘music thing’.

Tolani was of the opinion that their plan was in process and the the singer needed to be patient for it to yield results.

“I am tired of spending my money in something i don”t have faith in” Waje blurted out.

Waje obviously had thought about it thoroughly and she feels downplayed as an artist, especially with the recent release of her new album “Red Velvet“, which she accorded as one of the best albums in the country. Actually, to us, it is an album serenaded in topnotch vocal delivery, thematic preoccupation, lyrical depth, rhythm and melody, but since the album dropped, to her, nothing has really changed, even though a lot of people have asked for an album earlier.

“…But who cares, best album na for your pocket…” she said, feeling let-down on the poor acceptance of the new album, after putting some much as regards creativity and even financial resources.

Waje is clearly aware of her creativity, prominence and excellence in her craft, but she is thrown down because this exact passion she puts her most time into, is the very thing that makes her sad. ‘Satisfaction and Fulfillment’ looks impossible.

Real friends they say are ”golden”, Tolani and Fatima went to her house, trying to talk her through but there seem to be a lot in Waje’s mind, so much that she couldn’t even express herself enough, and she feels defeated and perplexed that her friends are not seeing it from her angle.

Instead of going around the same bridge, the singer left her friends and went out, at least, away from the chains and pains the music is dragging her into.

“‘i don’t want to be in the class of artist that have failed, i don”t want to be in that class. But i just feel that i have gotten to a point where it is not working fir me anymore…”

Watch this emotional outpour below

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  1. Lovely talented musician.. You get in your own way. do you have a management team or are you still doing it yourself. You marketing is none existence and your do not do concerts or piggy back on others hold concerts. I might be wrong, just from what I see. And lastly, have people write you songs and it will all come together.
    Don’t get up hang in there and fight for all the effort you put tn so far
    Less control girl

    Still love you though

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