“I Helped 32 Inmates Out Of Prison”- Lamboginny, Talks About His ‘Say No To Crime’ Project

His name is Yinka Lawanson Lamboginny. Also known as Lambo, he talks about his music and his life in last Sunday’s Punch Newspaper May 25th 2014 in an interview with the Spice section with entertainment correspondent Peter Okeugo.


How did you delve into music?
The journey so far has been great, starting from the year 2000, when I recorded my first song. I started longing for the bigger picture which pushed me to Star Quest in 2002 and I was in the fourth position. This encouraged me to push ahead and I also clinched the second position in another Lagos State upcoming artiste competition. I have worked with so many artistes and I am still working.

What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
My first challenge started in my community (Ikotun-Egbe). It was difficult trying to convince them to believe in my music but it made me stronger. Then there was that of structure but that was later handled by a friend (EnitanSheyindemia.k.a J-boy). After that, I started putting up concerts where so many A-list artistes like 9ice, Lexy Doo, OJB, DJ Humility, Extra Musical (Congo) e.t.c, came and performed.

What motivates you?
The passion for what I do. I love music and when I am on stage, it feels as if I am sitting on the world. That keeps me going. I started music not even knowing if it will bring me money. I was just in love with what I was doing and what I did was music. I thank God for everything.

What makes your music unique and different from others in the industry?
I sing dancehall music and my voice is very unique.

How did you carve a niche for yourself in the industry?
For me it has been God all the way, not by strength but by that of the almighty God. I was also following my heart and I worked on myself a lot; I still do.

How was growing up?
I am from Lagos State and my real name is YinkaLawansonLamboginny. I grew up with my grandmother; my parents were separated but I loved them both. They are both late. I was the baby of the house and I will always be. My education was slow because I kept getting distractions from music but everything is fine now. I intend to finish up soon. I am still on it.

How did it influence your choice of career?
It was a mixture of everything. I grew up on the streets but I had a posh background as well. It influenced my way of thinking and delivery also.

OnoBello OnoBello

What do you have in the offing?
A lot has been happening this year after my performance at the Love Like A Movie concert by Darey Art-Alade. Currently, I am working on a project with female rapper, Muna. We dropped a single entitled, ‘All I Want’. The video and album should be released soon.

How have you coped with competition?
I have never loved competition all my life, I hate competition. I work and try to update myself with happenings around me. My grace is different from any other man’s and I just do my thing the way I deem fit.

What don’t people know about you?
My life is like a book with one million pages. I like people to read me.


What’s about your project, “Say No To Crime”?
When I started, a lot of people thought I had been imprisoned before but I have never been arrested all my life. I became passionate about prisoners in Africa and the Say No To Crime concert in prison was my only was of reaching out of them and also using music as a therapy to re-engineer their minds away from crime. The initiative was approved in 2009, by the then Controller General of Prisons, OlusholaOgundipe. Between 2009 and 2013, we had about 10 concerts I have had support from my friends and great Nigerian artistes, who have followed me to the prisons. By God’s grace, we would move across the world showing love to prisoners.

How do you juggle these different aspects of your life?
It has been God all the way. I am just a messenger and I use music as the tool as it has been easy.

What is your typical day like?
When I wake up, I pray, eat, record my songs, meditate, read and play. I love to play.

How do you handle female fans?
I love them and they love me too. I guess that is why they call me ‘Mr. Lover-Lover’. I just love to make everybody around me happy.

Are you into any relationship?
Currently I am single, but I may be hooked sometime soon.

What inspires your songs?
Life and my everyday living inspire me.

Do your family and friends support you career?
Yes, my family and friends have made a lot of impact in my life. They have been a blessing to me. I thank God because I am happy to have them.

Artistes are known to be extravagant, are you?
Yes, I can be extravagant sometimes, especially when it comes to spending on prisoners or people that need help. I love to make people happy.

What inspired the name Lamboginny?
It was actually my father. Lamboginny is a fusion of my real name, Lawanson-Mbogini. The origin of Mbogini is Swahili. My father travelled a lot because he was a marine engineer. It was a slang he picked up from one of his trips. It means ‘a well brought up African child’.

What is your definition of style?
Style is anything you wear that makes you happy. My dressing depends on the event or where I am going but I love blings.

How do you handle fame?
I handle fame with God’s wisdom. I do not see myself as proud.

What is the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to you?
I think it was the day that I helped 32 inmates out of the prison in Lagos State. I thank God and everyone that stood by me. That was in 2012; 32 inmates got their freedom and went back home. Then, being appointed a national ambassador of the National Drugs and Law Enforcement Agency in 2013.

What is your comment on the Nigerian music industry?
We are improving, and things are getting better.

What is your most expensive and cherished asset?
It is the amount of smiles that I have put on people’s faces both in and out of prisons. To me, it is priceless. I thank God everyday for using me.

What are your likes and dislikes?
I like to see everybody happy and I dislike sadness. Sometimes, I have my shortcomings as a human being (I do not want to talk about them) but 90 percent of me is happy.

What is your advice to upcoming acts?
Trust in God with all your heart and be very sure you have picked the right career so that you do not waste your primetime. Be humble and work hard too. Pray for others and you will see what God will make out of you.

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Credit: Peter Okeugo for Punch Spice

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