“I Love Her For Being Her”, IK Ogbonna Replies Troll On Wife’s Hot Bikini Photos

1-IK Ogbonna Replies-onobello

IK Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia is hot for days! The mother of one posted these sexy photos of her on Instagram wearing a tiny white Swimwear that showed off her banging body.

But a fan (read that as hater) tried to rain on her parade by tagging IK on the picture asking him to tell his wife to cover up. What she wrote below:6

The actor apparently wasn’t going to heed the unsolicited advice. He told the lady he loves his wife the way she is. See that below:7

Sonia basking in the euphoria of hubby’s support continued sharing even hotter pictures of herself including a few with pal, Sarah Offili. Check them out below!2-IK Ogbonna Replies-onobello 3-IK Ogbonna Replies-onobello 4-IK Ogbonna Replies-onobello 5-IK Ogbonna Replies-onobello


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